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Investments in Mutual Funds

We at SK Financials, have been providing Investments Advisory for more than 10 years. Hundreds of customers have got immensely benefited and have seen their wealth grow at high rate.

Primarily we focus on Mutual Funds based Investment Portfolio since one gets whole world of Investment types in it, be it for Tax Saving, Highly Secure Investments to High Growth Investments, you can choose investments according to your risk appetite and target growth rate.

Let's demystify the Mutual Funds:

  • Mutual Funds are financial instruments just like Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposits, Public Provident Fund, etc.

  • Mutualfunds are collective investments which gather money from different investors to invest in stocks, short-term money market financial instruments, bonds and other securities and distribute the proceeds as dividends.

  • The Mutual Funds in India are handled by Fund Managers. The Securities Exchange Board of India regulates the Mutual Funds in India.

  • The unit value of the Mutual Funds in India is known as net asset value per share (NAV). The NAV is calculated on the total amount of the Mutual Funds in India, by dividing it with the number of units issued and outstanding units on daily basis.

What are Mutual Funds ?

How does Mutual Funds work ?

Disclaimer: “Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read the offer document carefully before investing”.